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First Update in a while!
By: HeavyArms 7/30/00
Phew! Wow! This is the first update for over a month! I'm so sorry. I've been busy with two new sites. Gundam Central Network and Gundam RPG. Well, I'm glad to see that this site has managed without me, somewhat. Over 2,000 hits! Not bad. I'm going to start paying more attention to this site, even though it pretty much runs itself.

1000 Hits!
By: HeavyArms 6/16/00
1,000 Visitors! I checked the site, and I was visitor 1000! Thank you Gundam fans!

900 Hits!
By: HeavyArms 6/09/00
Thank you everyone for 900 hits! We are always trying to give you a better and different Gundam site. We will soon be looking for a new host for GGC to bring you better service! Let's get a Gundam game for the N64!

First Affiliate
By: HeavyArms 6/03/00
We have a new affiliate! Gundam RPG: Better Than Gundanium Alloy!. This is a great Gundam Wing RPG that just opened. It shows promise, so I let them become affiliates. I'm joining right now, and I think you should too. They're making their button right now, so it'll be added to the side bar soon.

Playstation Gets Gundam?!
By: HeavyArms 5/19/00
What? First Dreamcast, now Playstation?! That's definitely not fair! As stated in, "Bandai annouces the Gundam Wing Battle Master Playstation Game planned for release after Q2 2001." Hey! Anytime is better than no time, right? If Playstation gets a game by Q2 2001, than the N64 can have a game too! Maybe even by Q4 2001!

New Splash Page
By: HeavyArms 5/19/00
New Splash page added today. It's rather funny too. In response to one of our petition signers, there is going to be a Gundam game for the dreamcast released soon. In fact, you can order here from Etoys! Just Click here to order Gundam: Side Story 0079 .




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